Wednesday, August 6, 2014

War Memorial

Without affirmation or denial
The Leaders' speak, the language proclaims?
For who can be forgiven, when in the end
Their sacrifice was valued so lightly

In gilded words wrapped like grenades
Speeches delivered like malignant lilies
Crowd the lindens, rains the clouds
grief and memory, terrible like great joy

Time is redeemable, somehow, redeemed
From the savage mutilated soliloquies
Of their persistent half truths and wars
Quivering the flame's immense nerve.

Laying flowers, daffodils? incandescent
Yellows left by generations not born
To remember the significant act done
Against, the concrete, grey, memorial names

Of countless dead, flesh and bone, no more
Ciphers and etchings through the winter light,
Words like icy silence arrests the breaths
like a million thoughts, here, brutally undone