Saturday, May 23, 2015

Main Camp - new novel by Don Drake

Welcome to Dry Wells, a town scorched by a fiery drought, a charnel ground of dry bones and parched souls. Furious fanatics rise from its socioeconomic ashes, wielding their hammer of might to reclaim their birthright. An American horror story of biblical proportions.


Justin fell on his knees, bowed his head, put his hands together. Damn tears just wouldn’t stop. What’s our country come to? Saint John had prophesied these times on the Isle of Patmos a couple thousand years ago. It’s all happening now. Terrorists, illegal immigrants, colored creatures everywhere, mixed breedin’, socialized health care, taking prayers outta school, legalizing homosexual marriage. A damn outrage and shame unto the lord.

Justin smirked with head bowed, thinking of one of his favorite bumper stickers: Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed. Yeah, that’s a good one, lord. You come and judge the wicked, pitch ‘em into the hell they deserve. May thine New Jerusalem descend from heaven as a bride, for thou art the groom, o lord. Thy will be done, o lord. Though thou saw it best that I don’t join thine earthly army of the elect, thou hast a purpose set aside for me.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Dry Wells

Chapter 2 Knights of the Lord’s Second Coming

Chapter 3 Reise Reise

Chapter 4 Smart Patrol

Chapter 5 The Revelation of Josh

Chapter 6 Also sprach Pastor Jim

Chapter 7 The Tabernacle

Chapter 8 Antichrist

Chapter 9 Acts of the Apostles

Chapter 10 Golgotha

Chapter 11 The Final Judgment

Paperback and Kindle available