Friday, November 27, 2015


Day after day and year after year more awareness is fortunately rising about human sexuality and its spectrum, but one kind I practically never hear about, which falls between the cracks, is what I call Q-straight. Let 'Q' stand for 'quote end quote' or 'queer' or 'questionable' or whatever. Here's how I define this phenomenon: a Q-straight person is L/G/B and yet believes s/he is straight. Here are some other traits of the Q-straight person: The Q-straight person does not question h/er sexuality. The Q-straight person would strongly deny, even make light of or mock, the possibility that they might be L/G/B. The Q-straight person is in a very powerful psychological denial of their natural sexuality as L/G/B. The Q-straight person possesses a strong faculty of being able to repress their authentic/natural sexual desires.

While LGBT are natural modes of human sexuality, it could be said that Q-straight is probably also natural to an extent; however, societal, cultural, ideological-religious, familial influences play a major role in ensconcing  a would-be self-aware L/G/B/T into Q-straightism.

It might not be an exaggeration to say that most ideological and religious bigotry against LGBT people originate with Q-straight people, even as they have virtually no faculty of self-reflection they project their frustrations and denial outward. Sometimes the overwhelmingly powerful sex drives being suppressed for so long leads to physical violence. Q-straight people create problems for others (not just for themselves), e.g., getting married to a person of the opposite sex (of course); outspoken bigotry against LGBT and condemnation of the "lifestyle choice"; psychological problems based on self-denial and sexual repression. And so on.  If a person "doth protest too much" about their "normal" sexuality one way or another, it could be a sign they are Q-straight.

Don Drake has a new novel No Gay Out on the sexual phenomenon explained above.