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All Saints' Day, Samhain, Day of the Dead - Nov. 1st: A Day of Remembrance (Anna) [link]

A Mathematical and Philosophical Re-Examination of the Foundations of TimeWave Zero and Novelty Theory (J. Sheliak) [link]

A Timewave Revisited: The Zero Date ‘Singularity’, and a Novelty Perspective on 'fiscal cliffs' and Planetary Evolutionary ‘Metamorphosis’ (John Sheliak) [link]

Mitt Romney Video Rant: The Return of Christ (Anna) [link] 

A General Alexandrian Sort of Resource Library

A Collection of Studies on the Tibetan Bon Tradition [link]

Category Theory as Language of Consciousness (M. Kafatos et al.) [link]

Complex Space-Time Metric: Precognition of Future (EA Rauschler&R Targ) [link]

Consciousness and the Double-Slit Interference (D. Radin et al.) [link]

Liars for Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History, 1 (C. Rodda) [link]

"Matrix Theory" (mystery paper from Tibet) [link]. I acquired the electronic rendition of this paper in 2007 or so from a fellow I had met online; according to his story, he had just gotten back from Tibet, where he had met a monk who gave him this intriguing theoretical paper. As to who this monk was, or who this guy was, I have no idea as I never heard from him again.

Muskogean Charm Songs Among the Oklahoma Cherokees (J.F. Kilpatrick and A.G. Kilpatrick) [link]

Newton’s Early Optical Theory and its Debt to Chymistry (William R. Newman) [link]

Notebook of a Cherokee Shaman (J.F. Kilpatrick and A.G. Kilpatrick) [link]

Your God is Too Small (J. B. Phillips) [link]